Mineral Rich Face Mud Masque 100ml
Mineral Rich Face Mud Masque 100ml
Mineral Rich Face Mud Masque 100ml
Mineral Rich Face Mud Masque 100ml
Mineral Rich Face Mud Masque 100ml
Mineral Rich Face Mud Masque 100ml
Mineral Rich Face Mud Masque 100ml
Mineral Rich Face Mud Masque 100ml
Mineral Rich Face Mud Masque 100ml
Mineral Rich Face Mud Masque 100ml

Mineral Rich Face Mud Masque 100ml

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Does your skin need a deep clean? Our deep-cleansing, mineral-rich formula, purifies your skin by removing dirt and oils which leaves your skin looking clear and refreshed.


VITAMAN’s Face Mud Masque provides your skin with a detoxifying, hydrating, deep cleanse that eliminates toxins and promotes hydration. The result is softer, smoother, healthier-looking skin.
Featuring Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Coconut Oil and Allantoin to gently nourish, soften and soothe the skin.  Draws out toxins while deeply hydrating the skin. Is an Anti-Inflammatory that repairs and can be used on the body too.
Suitable for all skin types, VITAMAN’s Face Mud Masque is also the perfect, high-performing tonic for problem skin such as acne. Simply apply to the face or body, leave for 15 to 20 minutes, and then rinse off. You’re left feeling calm, fresh, and ready to take on the world.

If used as directed this product will last approximately 3-4 months 

Why You Should Use It

  • Great for all skin types 
  • Improves the texture of your skin making a smoother shave
  • No artificial fragrances here, we use Coconut Oil for our natural aroma
  • pH balanced formula which suits the chemistry of your skin  
  • Can be used on Face, back & chest acne. 
  • Reduces redness
  • Great for oily acne prone, dull, dehydrated skin.

How to Use It

  1. With clean fingers, spread a  layer to your face, body or anywhere blemishes or skin congestion appears
  2. Leave to dry for approx 15-20mins.
  3. To remove, wet your fingers and apply the water to the masque and gently massage back to a creamy texture, which makes it easier to wipe or rinse off 
  4. Follow with VITAMAN’s Face Moisturiser


INCI LIST: camellia sinensis (white tea) leaf extract*+, kaolin (Australian natural clay), aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf juice*+, glycerin (coconut)+, sodium magnesium silicate, cocos nucifera (coconut) oil*+, phenoxyethanol, allantoin (comfrey)+, xanthan gum, dehydroacetic acid

Certified Organic*
Plant derived+
Sustainably Sourced
Artificial Fragrance Free
Vegan Australia Certified
pH balanced

62% Certified Organic Ingredients
99% Naturally-Derived Ingredients
What we’ve left out:
No synthetic fragrances
No animal derivatives
No artificial colours
No harsh detergents
No propylene glycols
No petrolatum
N mineral Oils
No phthalates
No Triclosan
No sulphates
No parabens
No silicones

Customer Reviews

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Luis Neira
100% Guaranteed.

Choosing Vitaman products is choosing the natural.

Andrew Hall
The Greatest

This product is seriously the greatest! Slapping a weekly mud is a major highlight on the schedule. If you want to look & feel like you're 10 years younger, buy this absolute beauty of a product & enjoy! Thank-you Vitaman 🤗

got this as a gift from the wife

wife bought me this for my birthday. looks a bit strange but feels great especially as its drying. skin feels better after a couple of weeks

Anonymous A.
My Quick Fix

Keeps my skin clear, dark and handsome! Treat your yourself to this facial spa tratement in a tube! Trust me

Peter P.
The Ultimate Mask YOU Need!

I have used many other face mask products in the past ranging from the top brands such The Body Shop and Potion.

However, this IS the one to use. The other two are great but what this does is clenches your face when setting - make sure you do it for the 15-30mins as instructed. With the clench feeling, it is releasing all the dirt and toxins from your skin.

When it is rinsed you will notice a new 'glow' about you and feeling brand new. This is the natural ingredients you need for your face. So get going and buy this product. Once a week is more than enough.