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As a person who needs to shave regularly, Head and Face I couldn’t be happier with the products. I find that I rarely ever get shaving rashes anymore as long as I use the After Shave Balm and the Face Moisturiser.


I am a professional and need my hairstyle to be corporate looking without loosing it’s shape throughout the day.The Matt Mud product has eliminated the stress of having to fix my hairstyle throughout the day or use excess amounts of product to hold it in place.

Aaron Kavanagh

I have been using Scalp Treatment on an unsightly and uncomfortable skin condition on my scalp for some time. The impact this VITAMAN product had was almost immediate - the burning sensation and itch was relieved and the redness faded.

Sharon Lewandowski

My favourite would have to be the Wrinkle Smoother Serum.  I use this daily and I immediately feel a difference in the texture of my skin, especially as I regularly swim in a chlorinated pool.

Rob Seib

 A number of years ago, I decided to train for the Gold Coast Marathon.  I had seen the VITAMAN Desert Muscle Rub and Foot Recovery Gel online but had never used them before. At 40 years old I was looking for any help I could get and these products were fantastic and were an integral part of my recovery after each run.

John Whiteside